The Daniel Group, LLC’s mission is to provide good, wholesome, top-quality, professional theater and other entertainment productions that positively impact audiences.

It’s currently producing three unique theatrical properties, each one at a different stage of development:

To Begin With, a one-man play inspired by The Life of Our Lord, a little-known book by Charles Dickenshad its World Premiere in Minneapolis in 2015 and is looking toward a U.S. tour and a U.K. tour and limited West End run in London.

That Wonder Boy, a warm, funny one-man show by author/actor Bob Stromberg, has been produced in 5 cities, and won three top awards at the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York City (Best One-Man Show, Best Direction, and the United Solo and Backstage Audience Award).

 Triple Espresso—a highly caffeinated comedy has brought laughter to over 2 million people in 6 countries, and has countless opportunities still ahead.

The Daniel Group's desire is that these, and other uplifting and enriching projects, will become available to an ever wider audience and be a bright light in the sometimes dark world of entertainment.